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Friday, July 8, 2011

Big Brother Time

I LOVE BIG BROTHER, It's been another year. I once auditioned to be on the last season I did not get on it. This show takes random people and puts them together and makes them compete in all sorts of weird things for food, money and power. The BB theme is expect the unexpected. Which always mean some crazy stuff will go down. This year right off the bat the 8 new house guests have to team up. The next twist is three power couples come back into the house. My favorite part about this is that my girl Jordan the cutest little southern bell ever is back. While she has a good looking, nice guys, (rats) I can still dream. This year I have showtime so I can watch the after dark hour or two. Which means maybe I'll see a fully or two. For the next two month or so I'll be regularly updating what has happened, what I liked and disliked. So if your a fan follow me and let me know what your thinking and I'll follow your BB updates too. Right now I gotta go and watch. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!


GMizzle said...

Debating weather I should check this out

Jessica Thompson said...

Gonna check this out for sure!