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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Wedding day Women's Choice

Seeing as how today is the first Wednesday I have blogged and how I have the day off ish. Meaning I don't have to work tonight. YAY I'm sitting in my smelly gym clothes and thinking whats good about Wednesday's and that childhood tag game came into my mind. So I figured if it's Wednesday Wedding day Women's Choice, seeing as how I'm not a woman (well not as far as you guys know) I will put myself into the women's physie and pick somethings, I think women would like. Well after a few google searches for "what women want" and "what women want to buy" both of these ended as duds. I put in "Women's Choice" thinking they have a guys choice awards on spike TV that is a kick ass night of hot chicks gold antlers and ends with a big pair of brass balls. Well my thinking was DEAD wrong what comes up when you google "Women's choice" is a laundry list of abortion clinics, hmmmm. I think at this point in time, in my blogs "life" I'm going to "choose" to leave this one alone. END GAME

On a different note, it's Wednesday if I did not say that 13 times in the above paragraph I'm saying it again. That means it's time for RIVALS yes!!!!!! It's one of my favorite guilty pleasures.


Byakuya said...

Google can come up with some really strange stuff sometimes =3

Interesting blog, followed.

GMizzle said...

Keep them post coming homie