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Monday, July 4, 2011

No longer America day

Being as pro America as I am. I would have loved to post a great well written ( like that's ever going to happen with me behind the keyboard) log (ha ha I said log) about how great it is to be celebrating the most awesome nation's birthday with all by wonderful friends and family. My Fourth of July went more like this... Get off work at 730am drive home, do a workout log (theirs that word again) it in the super gym at for a chance to win cash and prizes. Then I watch a little Impact wrestling while I checked face book and all that kind of junk. I stared at blank screen for a few minutes trying to think of something to write. Then tried to take a nap, I figured if I got a little nap in before 2 I could go to a BBQ at a friends house. After lying in my bed for 3 and a half hours I decided to get up take back the movies I had rented the night before and drive thru (how do you spell that right?) Taco Bell. Then back to trying to sleep which I final did get some rest, now it's back to work... Well I'm not really working hard, trying to stay awake is the hardest part about working night shifts in this field. How about a brief movie review?
First up was: The Adjustment Bureau
This was a fun adaptation on God's plan. I'm not the biggest Matt Damon fan, manly because of the Bourne movies. I just don't buy a trained killer standing like 5'3 okay fine 5'5 still he is a lot more believable as a politician in this movie. The action was at a good pace the girls is attractive and the story goes well. I did not really care for the end of the movie, and the stupid thing with the doors. Angles would just fly.
Next was: Hall Pass
This was a stupid funny humor type comedy. The highlight of this movie was the 5 second beautiful tan breast shot miss Nicky Whelan gave us. She said something after the married Owen Wilson turned her down (which would never happen) that reminded me of something said in an episode of "how I met your mother" one of the cast I think robin said "women regret the men they sleep with, Men regret the women they don't sleep with" sooo true. Back to Nicky, man she's a 10 a fucking 10.
Last for now: The Fighter
I know, I know, I know... Everyone and their mother has seen this movie by now. The only reason I rented it was cause it was free with the rental of other movies. Or I would have waited for it to be on TV. I dislike Christian Bale that much, however he is a good actor and the movie as a whole lived up to the hype.
I have since watched two more movies and about to start the third I'll get to those ones later.


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