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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today in History #3

This one will be like a little shoot out to my dad. Not that he reads my blog or anything it just reminded me of him. Without further ad do here is this weeks "Today in history" on a Saturday in 1951 Citation was the first race horse to ever win a million dollar race. Brought to you by

It seems like all that good shows come out at one time on one day. Thank god I final have tivo, that seems like a funny thing for me to say. Like some old man with a white beard surrounded my beautiful half naked angles. (Yes in my heaven angles are topless or bottomless it's their choice) back to my thought, so god is watching TV and his two favorite shows are on at the same time. SHIT he screams loud that Thailand suffers another tsunami. So he gives some genius the idea to record live TV and save it on a little box. Well as I said thank you god.

The quick Verizon of my overviews for last nights shows. Rescue Me: Season premier is still on my tivo and I hopefully will get to watch it today. It's the last season of a show that may have already peaked. However I love the characters and cant wait to see how is all plays out. Next show Big Brother: Something happened to Evil Dick, and he got pulled from the game. I can't tell if it's part of the expect the unexpected part of the game or if something really did happen. Think I'll have to google it and find out. Rachel and Brandon won Power of Veto which puts double blood on there hands. The guys Keith thinks he has all the new bees votes, and Porsha the thinks she is safe with the 3 veterans that get to vote. It think she is dumb and does not know how to count. And for the last show
Rivals: Kenny and Wes and a few other idiots think by getting the girls to picking CT and Adam to go first is going to give them a better chance at them winning and then Evan was going to throw the competition so he and his partner would go in and they would force CT and Adam into the Jungle. Well like Eve said it was not going to work and Wes and Kenny ended up in the Jungle however they hung on by the skin of their teeth. That another expression that is lost on me. Your teeth don't have skin so what the hell does that even mean. Well that's all for now. I have not been all that creative lately, nor have I been checking out others blogs. If you know of any fun blogs leave me the link and I'll check them out.


Byakuya said...

Haha, not like he reads your blog or anything.. I bet you get him to read your posts all the time =3

Nice read as usual, enjoy coming here

GMizzle said...

very interesting