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Thursday, July 7, 2011

On this day #2

So I think I'm going to do a weekly this day in history bolg, but It's going to be odd things or it might even be tied into current affairs. Kind of like this one, Casey Anthony possible got away with murder this week. On this day in 1865 Mary Surratt was the first woman executed by the U.S federal government. She was executed for her role as a conspirator in the assignation of president Abraham Lincoln.

This could be you miss Anthony, You may or may not have killed your daughter. You are getting a second chance at life. I really hope you lead a better life than O.J did. Or it will be your name on the headstone.

Wow, I'm creative sometimes. Ha! Now to the brain numbing review of last nights Rivals episode. Let me just tell you I have hated CT on every real world challenge I have watched except this one. He is a game changer for the hater Wes, the loud mouth Kenny and the know it all Evan. Don't get me wrong CT is still a dick and a bully but he adds a new element to the game. The girls that went in to the "jungle" were stupid. They tried to BS that they were going to throw the competition. This would have been a good strategy had the game in the jungle been a physical one. However it was a game of chance. Which set those two dummies home.


GMizzle said...

never knew that

Byakuya said...

It's silly how she got away with it.

Jessica Thompson said...

Wow thats crazy. Followed.


super creative bra - never knew that