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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This is one reason I should not be a BLOGGER

F!!!!!!!! I start this blog to try and have some fun telling my silly little life stories. I start out by realizing I wrote one blog over three years ago and have not been on here since. So ignoring my lack of commitment to the blog world I decide to make this page more fun. Well it wont let me add the gadgets I want (SCREAM) then I add a picture that I actually like of myself thinking it will adjust to the screen, oops I should have checked the box that says adjust to fit screen. Now I have this giant picture of my ugly mug that takes up all of the screen. Taking a deep breath I giggle to myself and try to find the button or link to change my picture and I can't find it. ARGGGGG so I click on a tab nothing there damn. I click on another tab still nothing that is letting me change this picture. So now I have this stupid smile glaring at me every time I click on a button/tab to find a way to change this f-ing picture and I can't find it. I'm the kind of person that when electronics get the best of me I correct this by showing my primal nature and braking said gadget. Well seeing as how my computers is brand new. I better just finish this post and walk away. I don't have any followers yet but if anyone in cyberspace read this and know how to change my picture please help.


Jess said...

Welcome to the Interwebs dear brother!! Navigating the design of your blog will drive you crazy over and over again! I am looking forward to reading the things running through your head!

Mike B said...

Keep it up man, it's hard to update regularly