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Thursday, June 30, 2011

This day in History

On June 30Th 1984 the then President Ronald Reagan and his lovely wife watched the movie "The Karate Kid."- Brought to you by back slash blah blah blah.
"Go Daniel S0n"
Random right, I was thinking since it's the last day of the month I'd find something that happened on this day years ago. This is my brain child for the day yippee. I love technology at the same time I loath it. So I guess that would make me ambivalent about it. I learnt that word in 6Th grade as a vocab word meaning to feel dual feelings for something. The teacher used school as her example "I like school and I don't like school." For some reason that has stuck with me.
My reason for the hating of technology right now is... all I want to do is continue watching Tip/Tuck on netflix on my Xbox 360, (side note I just type Xbox 369 and it made me think of a porn video game system. Maybe a future blog there somewhere.) But for some reason it's saying my Internet is to slow and wont connect so I'm typing away letting it try and connect and the stupid spinning Circe that tells me it's thinking keeps taunting me. Like "ha,ha,ha I don't want to let you watch your show." Man quality problems right?

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